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swim2 Connie - After Connie - Before

Connie Malone, Canton
57 years old, lost 65 lbs.

“I could not have lost weight dieting because of my slow metabolism and post menopause hormonal changes. He personally designed a scientific eating plan – and I lost nearly 3 lbs per week, plus all my dangerous belly fat!”

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Mildred - After Mildred - Before

Mildred Oakley, Springfield
Lost 350 lbs.

“After my hair dresser died in surgery and my two friends gained all their weight back and more after having the lap band – my choice was Obesity Expert Paul Lessack. He gave me my life back.”

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Susan - After Susan - Before

Susan King
Waterbury, lost 270 lbs.

“The biggest difference between other diets, and medical and diet programs, compared to this permanent weight loss program, is the elimination of my problem emotional and behavioral eating triggers and bad eating habits. I learned necessary skills to control my eating urges.”

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Susan, Julie, Amanda, and Sheila before and after

Above are some of my patients who got involved in my individualized weight loss program plus aggressive scientific body contouring. If interested, ask for more information.

Pam - After Pam - Before

Pam Tosun, Watertown
Lost 20 lbs.

“I failed on other diet programs, and found this one easy!”

“I ate my favorite real supermarket food like popcorn, wine, fries, pasta, steak and peanut butter. I could not believe it. No shakes, pre-packaged food or pills. Paul Lessack Ph.D personally designed my eating plan and I lost weight in the fastest, healthiest way possible way.”

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Susan and Jim - After

Susan and Jim from West Hartford lost a combined 100 lbs. and improved health, changed their life style and overcame their medical woes, eliminating $200 of medication per month.

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Dr. Lessack and Gus Langer

Gus Langer became a patient at 81, and is pictured here at 96 years old. He just won a gold medal, swimming in the Senior Olympics!

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Rita - After Rita - Before

Rita Jones, Waterbury
Lost 60 lbs.

She started July 5th and hit her goal by December 20th!

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Miss CT

Miss CT

As a symbol of beauty and talent, Miss Connecticut says “I have tried the program and seen the results… and it can work for people of all ages with many different needs, because it is totally individualized and scientific.”

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Steve - After Steve - Before

Steve Paletsky, Morris
Lost 130 lbs.

“I wish I could tell everyone how much Lessack and the one-on-one sessions and real food diet improved my life.”

Results may vary*

Heather - After Heather - Before

Heather Green, Boston
Lost 65 lbs.

“I called for an initial consultation because my weight was increasing 10 pounds a year and I was afraid that my 65 lbs. overweight would continue to rise to 100 lbs. In searching the internet Obesity Expert Lessack offered the only program that uncovered, corrected or eliminated a person’s bad eating habits and behavioral and emotional overeating triggers that caused a person’s overweight state in the first place. I wish I knew of Paul Lessack Ph.D 10 years ago when I was only 30 lbs. overweight. The weekly drive to Ct.was worth it.”

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Al Terzi

Al Terzi

When weight loss specialist Lessack first opened his successful practice in Hartford he was proud to have had one of thr most respected person in CT as his client, Al Terzi Channel 3 anchor and broadcast journalist.

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